GREAT weekend

GREAT weekend, full of friends, bikes, beer, vodka, more friends, more bikes, and loads of fantastic vegan food…..

Friday starts with some excellent luck.  We had invited one of Tre’s friends to stay the night, and his friend told his mom – can Tre come here?

So, off I went, to the Sober Ride, which was fun.  I rode with that ride for around an hour and a half, and then I made my way to Peacock Groove.  On my way there, I encountered a new-to-minneapolis woman with a bike that was definitely not right…  Made sure she was safe and rode on my way…. only to have her arrive at Peacock Groove about 10 minutes after I got there!  Long story short, another Trail Watch guy and I rode her to her meeting spot in downtown so that she’d not have to ride in the dark alone.  Then, I rode home, chatted with our lovely neighbor… only to have the love of my life arrive on her bicycle with delicious Thai food….  We pigged out on curried fried rice.  YUM!

Saturday morning – woke up at 3a… only real bummer of the whole weekend.  Then, hard hard bike ride – super fun.  After the ride, I took children to tennis.  Then, brought four boys home for hours of boy chaos in our house…  They had a blast!  After the boys went home, we had some house quiet time, during which I napped so hard I actually drooled a little.  Then, we went to a party, at which we ate tons of food and I enjoyed some delicious adult beverages and fantastic people.  We came home, and we crashed.

Sunday morning – 140 km ride with friends followed by riding to a birthday party at a family friends (during which I made a quick run to Peacock Groove) followed by an attempt at a week little nap followed by some family time (tired tired boy) followed by a ride down to Parkway Pizza to enjoy olive oil garlic bread and a beer with good friends.  Now, I’m home, and I’m about to crash hard.  I hope I sleep until 6a!  That’d be lovely….

Thank you to sooooooo many people for being such great company – such great friends – for just being so great this weekend.  I feel like I had a vacation from all the drama.

It’s been a fantastic weekend.  FULL of friends and support and activity and …  just full.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to GREAT weekend

  1. Kat says:

    Lee, you are such a strong and positive woman. You will be in my thoughts!

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