And so we’re back to cancer….

Ah – what a fantastic weekend.  And would you believe that I slept until – wait for it – wait for it – SIX AM!!!!  So, I’m feeling good today – well rested.

We’re back to the cancer scene though.  Two hour appointment at the Breast Center.  I met with the head doc for ISPY2 on campus.  It was a great appointment – I learned a ton.  Chemo day one has now been scheduled.  Holy moly!  Chemo day one will be next week on Wed – 17 Aug 2011.  We have to wait until the characterization of my cancer is completed so that my added ISPY2 drug can be selected.

12 weeks of weekly taxol followed by 8 weeks of biweekly adriamycin and cytoxan – with the targeted therapeutic added in during the taxol phase (I think it’s just during the taxol phase).

Tomorrow – ultrasound for the cyst on my ovary.  DZ says he feels it’s nothing to worry about.  Ok – I’ve heard that before… So, of course I’m worried.  But not massively so, I guess.

Wednesday – installation of a port for ease of chemo administration.  Okay – I’m a little freaked out about having actual hardware installed, but then I can avoid getting stabbed repeatedly.  However, just because I don’t get stabbed through my natural skin, there will be stabbing … just into the port …  therefore, there will be jamba juice.

So – signing off for now.  If I am lucky, Thurs and Fri will be without appointments.

OH MY GOSH…  my child just came in and said – mama – someone left this weird hat on the door….  Oooo – it’s an awesome hat with skulls on it!!!!  And it fits!!!  Thank you L and J!  Bummed I missed you tho – I was probably down the street…



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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to And so we’re back to cancer….

  1. Steven Gray says:

    Hoping for good news tomorrow!

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