Five days of appointments…

I was really hoping to have Thurs and Friday OFF of appointments, but it was not to be.

Let’s begin with Thursday morning.  I RODE MY BIKE with my buddies, and it was great.  I held back by not going for the sprint signs.  The portacath feels strange, and it is sore, but I didn’t feel limited at all by it.  There’s a pulling sensation right at the suture point – that’s right by my collarbone.  I’m either getting used to it or it’s lessening.  I’ve got some bruising around the port.  I LOVE THE DERMABOND!  I’m sure that if I had tape / gauze or tegaderm, I’d be itching itching itching by now.  Instead, I have a smooth layer of dermabond over the two wounds – the 4 cm incision and the suture nick at the collarbone.

We had two flats on the ride this morning, so I cut off at the last bit and headed to work.  Happily, Cheryl had to drive to near-campus, so I rode to the car and picked up my backpack, which contained my computer.  I had been worried that the straps would fall in the wrong place.  NO PROBLEM!  Rode the last 1.5 km or so to work feeling good.

Got to work, and actually got some work done – whoa.  Had some meetings…  the usual sort of stuff – the “old normal” – for a few hours.

Then, I get back to my office to a voicemail and an email that says – my biopsy was no good for analysis by the study lab – wtf!!!!!  The head study doc felt really bad… I thought quick – thinking about options – keeping options open… Called the study nurse and said – well, it’s Thursday, so to keep my options most open, I should have this biopsy today, or it cannot be done until Monday (shipping reasons).  She calls me back 15 minutes later and says – can you come NOW?  I said – can I bring my bike inside (I had carbon with me today).  She said – Uh – we’ll make it work.  Smartly, I had a tiny stash of vitamin Z (zanax) in my office because I figured there might be “surprise” appointments.  So, I popped one of those and I jumped onto my bike… and rode to the clinic, arriving about 4 minutes later.

My bike made a little bit of a stink in the waiting room, with one nurse very GENEROUSLY offering to keep the bike in her office… ha ha…  She was drooling.  Now, my bike is not one of those all dura ace carbon super expensive ones (I’m a mom afterall!!!!)… but I do have a nice road bike.  Anyway, Kay the awesome ultrasound technician let me put it in their breakroom for the procedure.

By the time we began (about 20 min after the call from the study nurse), the vitamin z had begun it’s work.  I gotta tell you, if a biopsy stresses you out, consider taking something, because it MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!  I mean, seriously, I have to have another biopsy???  More holes and stabbing???  But I was calm and relaxed about it.  The medication really helps.

So, the doc apologizes that the samples weren’t good… and gets to work.  Suddenly, I realize I have LEFT MY WALLET IN MY OFFICE – UGH!!!!  My jamba juice is not to be!!!  I whine.  And do you know what the doc did?  He handed me five bucks.  I’m serious!  And then Kay handed me another dollar.  And then the doc asked me if I thought that would cover it…  I had visions of an original sized smoothie in my mind…  thinking that might be about six bucks…  and I said thank you!!!  Well, I guess he wanted to be absolutely sure I’d get my post-stabbing jamba juice because he came back and gave me five more bucks.  Dear Universe – I promise to do that sometime in the future for someone else because that kindness just really made me feel…  well… cared for.  Less like a patient and  more like a person.  So, thank you both!

Back to work to head to the summer student poster session.  The summer student working in our lab did a great job, and she helped some other people put their posters together too.  She’s fantastic – a student currently studying in Puerto Rico.  Martiza – you’ll be missed, that is for sure!

Home – then group party – bonfire in the back yard of one of my students – good fun.

Next up – work tomorrow – fifth appointment of the week (pelvic MRI) – and then….

BIKE RACE!  24 hours of powderhorn – we are riding as “Cancer can Kiss Lee’s Ass.”  Her’s our spokecard, designed by one of our team members – Will….  THANKS WILL!​m/

Gotta love XKCD!


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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