For the many stabbings to come, and more….

Today has been a good day…  Starting with the training ride, which was frisky and fast and well attended by good and nice people.  During the first part of the ride, Dan pointed out the bald spot on my tire.  Oh do I give folks a hard time for showing up on rides with poorly maintained equipment, and here I was with a giant probably 4 cm long bald patch on my tire.  Well, I got to my office, only to discover that there were TWO such patches!  How the heck did that happen?  I guess I’ve been a bit distracted, eh?  Happily, no flats – PHEW!  (<5 minute fix in my office before riding home after work)….

Then, right to a science meeting, at which a student presented some very interesting results.

Then, to my office, at which I received a phone call from my sweetie… which led to a lovely lunch.  You all know that I’m in the hole for several smoothies (many stabbings – not enough smoothies), and lunch included a blueberry, pineapple, orange juice, and banana smoothie.

After lunch, I managed to get my Fuji onto campus… which is now with GreaseRag Minneapolis getting some tender loving pre-chemo care….

Managed to finish up some work on a student’s paper, start a proposal that is due – gasp – next Thursday, get back on track with some email correspondence, do some admin work in preparation for the ACS meeting in a week and a half, and prepare some stuff for tomorrow.  All in all – not too bad in terms of productivity at work today.

For the most part – work today and yesterday were largely “cancer free” – ahhhhh…. some semblance of normal?  Cancer is funny – it’s in my body – growing – consuming resources…  and in my mind, it can consume entire hours and even days.  The task log I started is helping me work on that – I guess it’s sort of like my mental anti-cancer drug.  If I get distracted, I just remind myself… what will I enter in the task log?

Enjoyed my ride home with a friend….

Got home – loads of boys – boy chaos – made pizza… but I didn’t eat any – not even a single shred of the cheese.  It was a little bit hard, but I was happy that I resisted.

And a few words about kindness…  Many people have showed me so much kindness.  I really thank you all.

C – thank you for the Jamba Juice card – that’s awesome!  Many stabbings are in my future, and the jamba juices are something yummy to look forward to!

K – thank you for the Buff and the t-shirt and the fruit (peach today was terrific!) and the watermelon, which was happily eaten by several people!

J – thank you for the ride and for riding my Fuji to GreaseRag for it’s long overdue tender loving care.

D – thanks for the ride this morning – it was fantastic!

And Cheryl – thanks just for being you… I’m so lucky!

Next up – Echo on Monday.  This is to evaluate my current heart health so that it can be evaluated at the end of the chemotherapy.  It’s for the study, but I’m glad to have that before and after data.  This is a no-big-deal appointment.  I’ve actually had it done before, when my friend Carl was training to be an echo tech.  It’s basically an ultrasound of your heart.  And when you have a low resting heart rate (like I do), you get to see some pretty cool detail.


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to For the many stabbings to come, and more….

  1. Lowrah says:

    Jen and Kat gave the Fuji some love and cleaning last night! Jen did a great job with your wheels. Headset and cables and housing are up next! Jen told us that you wanted to hold off on doing anything to the drive train. Thanks for giving us a project, Lee! We are so happy to help your beloved.

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