day two after first chemo

Well, yesterday was day one after the first chemo, and honestly, it wasn’t bad at all.  Since I had the reaction, I was super tired Friday night, and I slept pretty darn well.  Of course, it also feels good to just have things proceeding.  The waiting was difficult!

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling good although THIRSTY.  So, I decided to head out for a bike ride with friends, and I had a blast.  I felt a little bit tired, but I had also ridden all three days (W, Th, Th take II, and Fri), so how I felt tired really just felt like I had been riding a lot.  I cut off the last about 8 miles of the ride and headed on home in time to bike with children to tennis, during which I ran some errands by bike.  I just felt happy to be moving around outside…  But man – was I THIRSTY!!!!  Went to the food coop…  stopped by Noren’s…  Back to tennis…  We all rode home…  Cheryl had gone out for a long run and got home a bit after we did.  Then, it was to Joy of the People for a soccer event for Tre and his friend Malik.  Cheryl and I went out for lunch before the parent meeting, and it was LOVELY.  I was HUNGRY and THIRSTY, and we shared a fantastic vegan meal – beautiful salad, avocado and grilled veggies sandwich, soup….  Then, we returned to Joy of the People…  and that’s when I started to feel TIRED.

After we got home, we had the very good luck of Tre being invited to run errands with his friend’s family (funny eh – he hates running errands with us!).  And so, I took a nap.  I nearly never nap during the day, but I think I slept for a solid hour and a half.

Fast forward to bedtime, and I had trouble falling asleep – probably due to the nap, I suppose.  So, I took an ambien and that was that.  I ended up sleeping until after 8a!  Which is amazing.  I did, however, wake up with a headache…  Coffee seems to have solved that.  So, maybe all those weeks of insomnia has just pushed up my caffeine withdrawl window?  I don’t know.

Generally – today I feel tired… and just a little off.  Not terrible… Just a little flu-like, to use the words of my friend Jen (who finished chemo  just a couple of months ago – I’m so jealous!).

Update:  My chemo looks like this.

12 rounds of weekly taxol with carboplatin on weeks 1, 4, 7, and 10 plus twice daily PARP inhibitor.  These latter two things are the result of the randomization step for the ISPY2 study.

Then 4 rounds of every-other week AC, as originally planned.

At week 3, I will have my LAST biopsy (hopefully ever) and a high-res MRI to track changes in the cancer.

Now that I’ve already had a reaction to the Taxol… and managed to ride my bike… and I feel like I’ll probably go for a walk with Cheryl this morning… before heading to Denver for a business trip… It just feels a lot less scary.  I guess this is the new normal.  Do I love the new normal?  Nope – can’t say as I do.  But, I look at all of this, and it feels pretty manageable at the moment.


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to day two after first chemo

  1. Susan Burroughs Soltis says:

    I’ve sometimes wondered how does one get “back to normal” when normal isn’t normal anymore.

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