Back from Denver, and Back to Chemo

SUPER glad I went on that business trip – I felt reasonably okay on Sunday, which was travel day.  I was tired… and Cheryl suggested I take a no-vomit pill before getting on the plane, and that was an experience.  That stuff made my kind of spacey.  One minute, I felt like I had been on the plane for HOURS… then next, a couple of minutes.  TIME WARP!  Very strange indeed.  BUt it was effective – not nervous – no queasiness…  Good.

Other than that, I was sharing a room with a preggers friend and colleague.  That was pretty much awesome.  I think we both contributed to each other’s lack of sleep, although I did take Ambien before going to bed…  I completed my duties as program chair for our division.  I had meetings with collaborators and students.  And I talked a lot.  Two students in my group presented research results, and they did great.  My talks also seemed to go well.   I was fully engaged in the meeting – from arrival to departure.  I always get kind of run down on these meetings.  So, my plan was to make sure I took about an hour of downtime each afternoon while I was there.  That worked pretty well, actually.  Of course, down time consisted of opening up the computer and trying to get some work done… but it was still relaxing time… with feet up.  I’m really glad I went because I was able to show myself that I can do things…  even when feeling kinda crappy.

The biggest thing I noticed was that if I was sitting and feeling crappy, walking almost immediately alleviated those symptoms.  I would just get this kind of fatiguey feeling in my head…  Kind of that flu=like feeling…  If I got up, within minutes, I was feeling much better – lighter on my feet – mood improved.  If I stayed sitting, it just got a bit worse, until I would describe how I felt as pretty crappy.  Like I was seriously coming down with something.

Cool food – I ate a ton of great food while in Denver.  There’s a restaurant called Water Course ( – hippie vegetarian food – they make anything on their menu vegan upon request.  I went there three times – yes three times.  I was only there from Sunday early evening until Wednesday noon-ish.  I had the buffalo tofu sandwich with sides of broc and sweet potatoes, the dona lee sandwich (filled with seitan and avocado), and corn tacos (filled with cabbage and tempeh chorizo, among other things).  The other notable food was the sorbetto at the gelato shop.  Sorbetto is totally vegan and delicious.  I had pineapple, mango, mandarin orange, and deep rich chocolate (I went there twice – they will do halfsies on your order).

Ok – on to chemo day two.

Prechemo-II stats:  132 lbs, HR 46 (better), temp 98.3 °F, WBC 5.1, RBC 3.98, hgb 13.0, hematocrit 37.6

Melissa - infusion nurse of the day. Bike racer and NICE PERSON and good at her job.

This one promises to be easier than the last....








Had  pre-infusion appointment with a physician’s assistant – Tara – she’s very nice.   Blood pressure normal, temp normal, all systems “go”….  So, now I’m in the chair – next to Cheryl – receiving taxol.  They already gave me the pre-drugs, and I feel asleep – bit out it….  we shall continue this blog when Lee wakes up….

I’m home now, I woke up here and there.  The pre-drugs really knocked me out!  Adavan, benadryl, steroids, and more.  Anyway, it went well.  All those drugs = no reaction to the preservative in taxol.  Easy infusion.  No carboplatin, so my fatigue level is predicted to be less than after round I.  But, there is also the cumulative effect to consider, so I might be just as fatigued.  I.e., we don’t know.


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