Sleepy boring chemo – hooray!

I was worried that the cold would cause a delay in my chemo schedule, but my cold is on its way out, and it’s considered “low grade” – that means – bring on the chemo!  In a way, it’s a relief, I suppose.  I mean, I’d like to stay on my track as close as possible, finishing up before spring semester 2012 begins.

Chemo #3 was boring today.  I got all my pre-taxol drugs… and felt great… and then fell asleep.  No reactions – hooray!  Just a nap.  We got our pick of the pods today (each chair is in a numbered pod, and each pod can be made quite private by way of a curtain.  Some pods have windows….), and we selected a window pod with a wider chair, in which we both sat for a little while…  That was nice…  I was glad Cheryl was with me.  I’m super lucky to be with her.

The un-good news is that my WBC (white blood count) is not so good.  It’s dropped already.  So, on Friday, I will begin a weekly neupogen – this is a drug that will hopefully result in an increase in my infection-fighters!  Seeing as I work on a college campus, I think this will be a good good thing.

Rode my bike this morning with two great guys – thanks P and W!

Worked for a bit prior to the start of chemo time….

And pretty sure the hair is starting to go.  For some reason, the hair in the nether regions seems to be going first.  Whz up with that?

And stats.

Prechemo-III stats:  130 lbs, HR 56, temp 98.5 °F, WBC 2.8, RBC 3.75, hgb 12.1, hematocrit 35.2

On weight – it’s weird to see myself steadily dropping pounds.  This morning at the pre-chemo appointment, I had almost exactly the number I had last week.  So, this cheered me somewhat.  The numbers I’m reporting here are right after hopping out of bed to the bathroom to the scale.  My old goal was to maintain weight – not gain weight.  Apparently, most women on breast cancer treatment gain weight (changes in eating habits as well as activity levels). However, my combination of drugs seems to knock out my desire to eat, so I have been getting fuller faster and not as interested in eating in general.  My taste buds are still pretty happy… Still love curry and cayenne – for that – I am quite grateful.  My physician this morning thinks that will be my mo for the whole regimen.  I really hope she is right.  But, I’m working on adding calorie dense foods (e.g., avocado) and extra small snacks.  And anytime I actually feel hungry, I drop everything and eat!  Any way, my new goal is to stay at or somewhat above 130.

PS – Someone mentioned avoiding tumeric because it can be protective of all cells, including cancer cells, against chemotherapy.  The literature I’ve read is all over the map.  So, I asked my study doc (he’s very responsive), and he believes that eating curry here and there (i.e., dietary doses of tumeric) are peachy keen…  Plus, he thinks I should eat curry since I like it so much.  SOLD!


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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  1. J says:

    Lucky for you there are vegan brownies waiting.

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