Spiders and tastebuds

UGH – A spider landed on my head today!  Actually, I was relieved to find the spider because at first, I just felt something on my head and did the wavey arms and hands… and rushed to the bathroom to try to find it… only to find …. nothing.  What – am I losing my mind?  I had bizarro dreams last night -very bizarre and full of bright bright colors… So, was I hallucinating or something?  I went back to the kitchen – looked for a spider like object… Nothing.  Looked for a string hanging from the ceiling….  Nothing.  Start putting together coffee while thinking about hallucinations… and my potentially whacked brain… and I see Fergie (our calico) over in the corner of the kitchen trying to get something….  PHEW…  a spider.  I became much calmer.  I hope she ate it, but she usually just plays with them.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee – which is nearly always a soy latte made using a traditional italian espresso maker (just a pot like thing you stick on the stove), I am grateful for my tastebuds.  I had lunch with my very good friend and collaborator yesterday, and we ate falafel with hot sauce.  Oh man, that tasted sooooo good!!!!  I was completely stuffed after eating (no sides – only the falafel sandwich), but I enjoyed every single bite.  Now, I am enjoying my latte, with it’s rich coffee roasted flavor…  I hope my physician is right – that if I have taste buds that are working well now, I’m likely to keep them at least through the taxol phase.  FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

There’s really not much else.  Oh no – there is.  So, I went in yesterday for the neupogen shot.  The nurse who administered it neglected to mention that the fluid STINGS like a *insert swear words here* !!!!  And I did not expect it.  Ok – I think I have to request full disclosure prior to administration …  because she said – yup – it stings.  Jamba Juice card was full – got a five fruit frenzy after that stabbing.  Looks like I’ll get a little finger stick (keeping more blood inside my body than drawing from port or vein) to see if my infection fighting cells are back up where they need to be on Monday.  If not, I’ll get another stinger and another jamba juice!


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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