Chemo VII – we’ve hit single digits people!

Blood work looks good for tomorrow’s infusion…. FINGERS CROSSED that it STAYS THIS WAY!

UPDATE – it stayed that way! Seven down, nine to go…. We’ve hit single digits people!

Seriously, tho, yesterday was strange. I had one of those “how did I end up here” moments while sitting in the chair waiting for the drugs. All kinds of things happened last week and this week. There are four people in my life dealing with cancer – all became known to me in this past week.

Someone asked me last week whether there was something known that people do that causes breast cancer – you know – she said – like smoking causes lung cancer. I’m shocked my eyeballs actually stayed inside my head as my heart lurched up into my throat. What did I really want to say? Nothing nice. Nothing friendly. Nothing that would have actually helped…. Ah, this is when I truly wished for the super power of “perfect comebacks on demand.” Alas, all I had was that not all lung cancer is caused by smoking (and even if it were – it is still a horrid horrid disease and smoking is awful, no doubt, but the tobacco companies have a ton to answer for in this regard) and no, no one understands why people get breast cancer… or pretty much 99.9% of known cancers. And then I walked away.

Happily, my friend John and I both had boring chemos yesterday. Boring chemotherapy = GOOD. I slept through about 2 hours of it.

It was the “double” week – that means taxol plus the carboplatin. So, once the 30 hours of steroids wears off, I expect to be a tired puppy for the next couple of days. Tired tired puppy. BUT – my blood stayed strong, and I GOT CHEMO! So while I’m not looking forward to the tired days, I’m really relieved that I am on track.

Monday – I go in for blood work. I found out that they take about one-half the amount of blood when using the arm poke instead of the port (they have to waste some when they use the port). After some careful review of the protocol for the study, we also found out that we can do the full blood work the day before. So, Monday, I’ll KNOW for sure if my blood has stayed strong. If my infection fighters aren’t doing well, I’ll get the shot of neupogen and have a re-test on Tuesday (that stuff works fast). We’re going for minimal intervention because when you tell bone marrow to make … say… infection fighters, it doesn’t necessarily make much of the other stuff … like platelets and things.

Pre-chemo VII stats:  133 lbs, HR 55, temp 98.4 °F, WBC 5.2, RBC 3.3, hgb 11.2, hematocrit 32.1, Platelets 383 and neutrophils 2.8.  So, those blood counts are … holding strong – and weight stable!

That’s all for now.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to Chemo VII – we’ve hit single digits people!

  1. Jen H says:

    My tolerance for stupidity has been very low lately……I often wish I had the one-liner comeback super power as well.

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