My dad died a year ago today….

What a crazy thing – I received news of my dad’s death last October, and it was a SHOCKER. According to his brother, he did not know he had stomach cancer, yet he had stage iv stomach cancer. I don’t have contact with my birth mom (they were together), and I honestly don’t know much about my family history with regards to cancer. I get that question frequently, from medical people and other people alike. From what limited information I have, I’m beginning to think that cancer runs in my birth family. One of my grandfathers definitely had prostate cancer – possibly both of them did, but I don’t know. One of my grandmothers had some kind of gynecological cancer, but I don’t know what kind… just that she had cancer, which was treated with surgery. My dad had stomach cancer. So, that’s three-four out of six in my immediate birth family. Wow.

I’ve had quite the rocky relationship with my birth family all my life. My past is riddled with experiences of the kind that often predict an adult life full of troubles. Somehow, I’ve made it through… to a wonderful life with a wonderful sweetie and wonderful child. Even with cancer, I still feel I’m a lucky person. I have a great job, a great family, and I’m able to do some really fun things in work, with my family, and even for myself. Contrary to expectations, I’ve made it. Sometimes, I’m just amazed….


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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