Another transition!

Last night, I took my last parp inhibitor pill. WOW!!!! If I manage to stay on schedule through the rest of the cycles (hopefully more likely because the parp inhibitor is no longer included and I have no more carboplatin cycles), I will be finished with chemo in two months. So, all y’all – please keep your fingers crossed for cooperative bone marrow… and staying on schedule!!!! Thanks in advance.

In other news, it’s been a challenging two weeks. Yes, two more of my friends received horrible horrible news. Some of you may know them, so I won’t be sharing the details until they are ready to share… but CRAP – bad stuff needs to stop happening to my friends. I mean it. So – whatever it is that’s in the air, it needs to disperse already! It’s time for friends of mine to receive GOOD NEWS – and lots of it! From brain cancer to other cancer to people actually dying to grandpa landing in the hospital to …. ENOUGH! I think my heart is going to explode if I get more cruddy news.

In some GOOD news – my tumor really feels different. I have loads of cysts… and it really kinda just feels like one of those. Uhm – yay – she says cautiously…. cautiously optimistic…

In some other GOOD news – I went to a support group last night (ok ok – stop gasping, those of you that know me) thanks to the strong encouragement and support of you-know-who (that would be the awesomeness that is Cheryl)… and I AM SO GLAD I WENT! We shared our hopes and our fears and our hopes and our fears… and there was no whining… and there was loads of honest and brutal humor… and I’m going back (shocked? ME TOO!). I left feeling genuinely better than when I arrived, even though there was no bike parking (pet peeve). There was another athlete there – marathon runner.

So… who knew!!!! If you have reconstruction (which I’m not going to do), you never need to wear a bra because they kinda build you a permanent internal bra… like a hammock kind of a thing??? and both women there who work out regularly said – it’s awesome. I seriously had no idea!!!! The one woman said that when she runs next to someone “au-natural” – the bounce difference is ginormous! And all this time, I figured some women just had awesome bras… Oh – yeah – they do – INSIDE!?? Wow.

I have to admit, I am looking forward to not wearing a bra… but I’ll be just stuffing something in a bra when I wear something for which a bit of boobage would ideal.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to Another transition!

  1. Jen H says:

    I’m sending good energy your way. Here’s to some GOOD news. I have a feeling you will now stay right on schedule and be done in 2 months. Just in time to recover for some racing next year!

    As for the internal bra. It doesn’t work so well if you have unilateral mastectomy. If I go sans bra I still have one small flopper:)

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