Oh man was I relieved when I saw my stats!!!!
So, I’ll start there.
Weight at a fabulous 134.5. HGB back up to a whopping 10.2, hematocrit at a steller 29.5, Platelets at a totally normal 190 (really???? no more parp inhibitor might have something to do with that), and the absolute neutrophils were at 18.5! That means my bone marrow went crazy making infection fighting cells during the 26 hours between the shot and the CBC. THANK YOU MARROW! So, I got the wonderful opportunity of the chemo nap! And, when I got upstairs, I was offered either a chair or the BED in the private little room!!! So, I snoozed quite well, although I woke up a couple of times for unknown reasons (perhaps to gaze upon my lovely sweetie sitting next to me?). Hmmmm… that was NICE.

We have no actual chemo shot this time around… just a WAITING shot snapped by Cheryl…. I’m feeling relieved to have a pager and to be waiting to cruise on up to the third floor for taxol.

So, where am I now? Well, if I manage to stay on schedule, which is likely (hopefully – she says hopefully), I’ll have my last chemo during the first week of classes. That’s a bummer – was hoping to finish BEFORE classes started. But, there’s really not much to be done about that. Anyway, now that carboplatin is finished, we are expecting my blood counts to hold stronger…

ONE more taxol…. FOUR AC chemos… Surgery (hopefully, just the one)… I was diagnosed 4 months ago – hard to believe I’ve been at this for four months (since diagnosis). I’ve got about two months of chemo… rest/heal for 3-4 weeks until surgery… and then recover from surgery. So, total of what… 8 months? Breast cancer is time consuming!


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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2 Responses to GOOD JOB MARROW!

  1. bonny says:

    congrats Lee!

    5 months?! wow. funny how time can seem to travel both fast and slow at the same… time.

  2. rleepenn says:

    Oops- four months – updated that…. And cancer is definitely a time warp!

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