One AC down, three to go

Well, I did my first AC chemotherapy session today, and it was … wild. The A (andriamycin – also called doxorubicin) is RED – like berry kid’s drink red. And the first pee after… is tinged red. CRAZY… the C (cyclophosphamide) is regular looking… What I mean by that is it looks like water. My job is to drink tons of fluids…. Hm – should go get a cup of water right now.

I already feel different than I feel after taxol and taxol/carbo cycles. I have a mild headache and feel a little queazy. Meh. But, one down… only three to go!

Tomorrow I’ll get a long lasting booster for my infection fighters… I’m told that I have to stay away from sick people… That means I have to miss some stuff this weekend. So, I’m pouting… but I’m also happy because only three treatments to go. If I stay on schedule… I’ll be done Mid-January! I hope I can stay on schedule!

I’m looking a little skeptical about this red fluid coming my way, I think….

Forgot to add stats….
ANC was 1.0 = totally borderline – there was talk of delaying a week… Glad we did not. I hope I remain glad we did not!
HGB was 9.0 = not too terrific.
Hematocrit was 28 (better… but not by a lot)
platelets were like 221000 – terrically in the “normal” range!
Weight was 138 = that to me is a rock solid weight… And I’ve been sticking it. So, that’s good.

I’ve been banned from weekend parties (and there are a bunch) due to the liklihood that my immune system will be taking a vacation…. So that’s a drag.

I’m definitely feeling queazy – about the same as the two worst of the carbo-taxol combos… I feel tired today, but I still enjoyed a ride with some friends – taking the long way to work this morning.

So, all in all, so far okay. I’m told that my eyebrows will probably be gone within two weeks. I like them… so I’ll be kind of sad… and then looking forward to them growing back.

Boy – the anxiety leading up to the infusion was far worse than the infusion and event he queasiness I’m feeling today…. So, I’m really feeling grateful that we are on schedule. I truly hope we remain this way!


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to One AC down, three to go

  1. bonny says:

    Three to go! Three to go! We should have used a lap counter. 🙂

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