Ok – today is better…. and I still hate pink…

Ok – today is much better. I am tired… but I feel alright. I just feel tired. I can handle this.

I’m about to go teach my last class of the semester – yup – you heard right! MAJOR GOAL ACCOMPLISHED – teach my class! I didn’t miss one! YAY! HUGE goal accomplished! I must say that my students are great – it’s been a fun group!

Ok – back to cancer – only three more chemos.
Let’s recap:
Thursday was chemo day. Felt queazy soon after infusion was complete, but I otherwise felt just fine.
Friday was day one, and I felt queazy all day, but the drugs mostly took care of it and I felt otherwise okay. The black beans and rice brought over by M and E were terrifically suited to my unhappy tummy.
Saturday was day two, and I felt occasionally queazy… and somewhat tired. But overall, my energy was pretty good. Had fun on my bike running errands. Child did his homework… overall, a good day, although I was sad to miss a major party due to my lack of a strong immune system.
Sunday was crappy – felt a little bit like I got hit by a truck maybe.
Today is alright. So, I guess I’m on the up and up. Yeah – I’m tired, but I’m definitely on the up and up.
That means, what… three more actual crappy days, right? Ok – perhaps that is wishful thinking because this process has been somewhat cumulative… but I’m going with that cuz I’m in the mood to be optimistic.

And, PINK… Still hate it. I get frustrated seeing all of these pink campaigns with “buy a product and proceeds will go to a charity” highlighted. WHAT charity? HOW MUCH money are we talking about? And why PINK? Gack – I really don’t like pink. It can look really cute on other people – sometimes it looks terrific on a bike – but really, the color does nothing for me – pink makes me feel cranky. Just sayin….


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to Ok – today is better…. and I still hate pink…

  1. Bonny Donzella says:

    Favorite quote in that message? “I can handle this.” And handle it well, I’d say.

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