Chemo FOURTEEN – in the books

So, remember that optimism, that I would have only a limited number of crappy days remaining? Well, it turns out, AC yields approximately one week worth of crappy days. Sigh…. Sunday, I started to fee the comeback of the hemoglobin, and this made me feel much much happier. It was tough to make it to the top of one flight of stairs without stopping at the top before walking off in whatever direction I needed to head.

This time around, I got loads of side effects, and they were not fun. Nausea, bone pain (from the infection fighter booster shot), general headaches, mouth sores, tongue sores, nausea, and some more nausea.

So, today, I got cycle 14, and I am on day zero… We tweaked up the meds a bit, and my physician thinks this round will be less sucky. I hope so!

Stats: 134lbs (yup – dropped some weight there), 9.7 hgb (yippeee!), 6 ANC (infection fighters – again – yippee!), and over 200 on the platelets (another yippee!). So, my blood was doing much much better before this round. So, that might make a difference as well.

TWO ROUNDS REMAINING. Just two! And I am feeling cautiously optimistic that we can stick on schedule! Four weeks from today will – hopefully – be my last chemo ever. I sure hope that turns out to be the truth!

So, that’s today’s news. Smooth boring chemo, although the red stuff still kind of freaks me out. The nurse wore protective gear to protect her skin from contact with this red solution…. Scary.

Yay - Cheryl came with me!

Yay - Cheryl came with me! I'm a very lucky person.

Decided to keep a little chemo log for this cycle….

Thursday – mild queazy in the evening, ativan fixed. VERY SLEEPY from 6p on.

Friday – ride worthy day! nausea in the morning, ativan fixed. rode 90 min with good friends. now at work feeling good.

Saturday – sweetie’s birthday (loads of awesome random cards – thank you!!!!). Headed out on the troll to run errands, which included procuring ideal lunch for said sweetie. Overall, I felt tired and slow but alright. By the end of the night, at our friends’ house, I was tired and NOT HUNGRY at all… Nausea is better but not awesome. Muscle weakness – I didn’t like that.

Sunday – Merry Christmas!
I just dropped my sweetie and child at the airport so that they can fly down to see G-ma and G-pa. I already miss them (it’s not even 10a). We had a nice early morning Christmas… Anyway, the doc and nurses weren’t too keen on me being on an airplane… SO I’m staying here. Today, I’m definitely tired. Feeling somewhat nauseous – still – better than last cycle. Anti-nausea medicine on board! In about an hour, I will go ride a “misfit” ride with some friends – possibly on a tandem…. Even if I’m slow, it’ll be super fun.
… Ride was super fun. The pace was perfect, and the crowd of people was awesome. Tweaked medicinals definitely a plus, and I enjoyed a Falafel at the Hard Times Cafe after. Then, I went to my friend’s family’s house for Christmas dinner, where I was vegetarian but not vegan for an hour or so. NOM NOM. Got home… Started up a movie … can’t remember how it ended. Spent about 12 hours horizontal… Feeling pretty OK right now. Definitely better than last cycle – what a relief!

Monday – Happy Day after Christmas!!!! Going on a geezer ride (their name – not mine) in about an hour – including my chemo friend John… Then work from home for the afternoon. Great one-hour ride – good pace. BUT
OOPS – didn’t get any work done… Lazed much of the afternoon away, and then friends came with food … and I had made beans and rice… And I lazed some more while talking with interesting, cool people.

Tuesday morning – wow – I am tired today. Must be that pesky nadir approaching… Why do crappy days seem to last longer than good days? I wish I understood that. Overall, I got some work and some sleep done Tuesday… And watched a few episodes of “Heroes.”

Wednesday morning – I slept – and HARD! I took some Atavan before getting into bed last night, and that eased up everything… and I slept until about 2a… I then repeated the Atavan and slept until after 7a. I feel loads better! Now – to WORK! PRODUCTIVE DAY – woot woot! Evening found me spent and feeling antisocial. Ate beans and rice and E-s chicken noodle soup (vegan style) and reseted.

Thursday morning – Tre and Cheryl are coming home!!!! I miss them! Woke up feeling pretty good. Seems like my sleep need = 10 ish hours. I’ll leave in a bit to retrieve Cheryl and Tre from the airport… I’m so excited! Hopefully, we’ll have brunch or lunch together. Then I’ll try to get some work done in the afternoon… then probably some prep for our OPENHOUSE tomorrow (drop by anytime after 5p – come see us!!!! Bring yourselves… if you feel like bringing a bevie or a veg treat to share, lovely but not required!). Rest of the day – felt pretty alright.

Friday – Party was fantastic! Overall, I felt pretty good all day! I rode my bike in the morning.. got some work done… came home and party prepped (Cheryl did about 85% of the work)… and then partied! Tons of wonderful and amazing people came – thank you all!!!! I did finish the evening horizontal before the last guest departed… but that was fine by me.

Saturday – Hello age of the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. And sadly, hello mouthsores… actually, the were peaking their ugly heads Friday evening. Ran a nice long bike errand… Hung out… Went to Few Gears Eve (bike race), at which I volunteered this time around (Eric and I had super fun working our stop)…. Came home, and Cheryl and I watched a movie… Tre spent the night with his bud… and then…

Happy New Year! Eating sucks today because of the mouthsores, but my energy is good… nausea is mild. Had a great ride with friends, went to a Happy new year party for a bit, came home… and enjoyed time with friends at Parkway Pizza. Definitely nadir yesterday and/or today. VERY LITTLE of that horrid bone pain from last cycle… Overall, an excellent start to the year, although I could really really do without the mouthsores.

Monday – mouthsores totally suck. I hate them. They hurt soooo much. Very hard to eat.
Tuesday – mouthsores totally suck. I hate them even more than I hated them yesterday. Got magic mouthwash, which contains a numbing agent… Helped for eating.
Wednesday – mouthsores letting up. OH MY GOSH – WHAT A RELIEF!!!!! Still there, but it’s not like the tip of my tongue has been submerged in molten metal.
Thursday – mouthsores definitely improving – on my way to chemo XV!


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  1. JenH says:

    so close to being done. I am so excited for you!

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