And then there was one.

My one remaining eye lash

Oh the glory of eyelashes.
They are pretty.
They highlight beautiful eyes, making them appear even more beautiful.
They curl just a little.

But they also keep snow and sleet and rain out of your eyes when you squint just right.
They can help keep the sun out of your eyes.
They keep the wind or even a slight breeze from drying out your eyes.
And they are pretty.

I’ve got one.
Just one eyelash remaining.
And it does not do jack for keeping the snow and wind out of my eyes.
And it’s not so pretty.

But still – I miss my nose hair more.

SUNDAY UPDATE: eyelash came out while showering.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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