Last chemo pit of crappiness

What chemo blog post is complete without some stats?
Hemoglobin at 10.0 – lower than last week… but okay.
Platelets at a happy 273! Totally normal.
Absolute neutrophils at a totally normal 7.0 thanks to that neulasta shot.
Weight at 133 – lost a little, but really, not too bad.


BUT – this was the worst chemo night ever. You know how in the movies they portray chemo patients as vomiting a lot and just plain feeling miserable? Well, that’s me this time around. I spent hours in the bathroom last night – ended up turning up the bathroom floor (LOVE our heated floor) and wrapped up in a blanket for HOURS. Then, today, I’m feeling beyond exhausted and constantly nauseous, despite all the meds on board.

The nurses tell me that people just sometimes have a bad cycle. Everyone keeps telling me how well I’ve been doing etc… And compared to this? Every other cycle better. So, 15/16 isn’t half bad, eh? As Precious, the nurse who gave me nuelasta today, said – I’ve dodged a whole lotta bad chemo bullets!

Holy smokes tho – bad cycles are BBBAAAAAAAADDDDDDDD!!!!!!! I’m probably going to get back in bed in a few minutes….


MISSION: I had a mission to ride my bike every possible day of chemotherapy. Mission accomplished. The only three days I missed were the days I spent in Denver for a business trip (National ACS meeting). I rode to every single treatment. I rode to work – sometimes, extremely slowly! I sometimes got out for fun rides too! As friends have told me, the good days do outnumber the bad days.

Average ride time – about an hour a day (commutes to work, errands, fun rides, etc….).
Shortest ride time = 8 min
Longest ride time = 200 min


Last chemo pic!!!!!


I sure do miss my hair!
Here’s a chemo pic from the fourth cycle for comparison.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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One Response to Last chemo pit of crappiness

  1. Boooo to feeling shitty, but HURRAH 800x over for being done with chemo!!!

    And major props on riding every day; I don’t think I knew you were doing that, and am majorly impressed as a result. Not that I would have expected anything else from the fantastic Lee Penn 🙂


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