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At the risk of tempting fate…..

Based on many responses via email and a couple of comments here on my blog… I have decided that I am just Lee Penn.  I am not defined by having had cancer.  I definitely had cancer, and , in fact, … Continue reading

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Five percent – sounds pretty great to me!

Triple negative breast cancer + chemo = complete pathological response That’s a right good equation up there. I had an appointment with the big doc today – the one that is the head of the clinical trial in this neck … Continue reading

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Everything was going so well! Bike crash!

Thursday morning saw snow flurries – just enough to put an opaque layer of snow on the roads.  No big deal.  Was riding with my buddy Dan…  Neither of us saw the sheet of ice on which I crashed… And … Continue reading

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Our child is brilliant!

Our child: Is it a bad thing to not have boobs if you’re a girl? Me: Good question – what do you think? Our child: No. …a while later in the conversation…. Me: May I kiss your head? Our child: … Continue reading

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