At the risk of tempting fate…..

Based on many responses via email and a couple of comments here on my blog…

I have decided that I am just Lee Penn.  I am not defined by having had cancer.  I definitely had cancer, and , in fact, it seems as though one could say that I kicked cancer’s ass.

I am tempted to say just that – I kicked cancer’s ass!

Of course, there’s another part of me that’s looking up at the sky, wondering if lightening is going to strike me back into cancer land.

So… I am Lee Penn.  I have made it through months of cancer treatment, busted my hip, gotten woefully behind at work… managed to almost get sort of caught up … only to discover that I’m no where close to caught up.  Oh yeah – I’m a professor.  That’s just how the job is!  I love to ride bikes – although I’m not allowed to ride right now.  I love warm weather.  I love Cheryl. I love Tre…  thank goodness they love me back – I’m a total pain in the ass at times!

So, do I change my little description?

I’m a professor, mom, bike racer, and cancer patient.

So, do I change my little description?

I’m a mom, partner, professor, pain in the ass, bike racer, and triple negative breast cancer survivor.

Yeah – actually – I think I do.


About rleepenn

I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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4 Responses to At the risk of tempting fate…..

  1. Thelma says:

    You are a wonderful person!!

  2. JenH says:

    I like it! I too, hate to tempt fate, so I refer to myself as a person who underwent treatment for breast cancer. However, you are right, the medically accepted terminology for us is survivor. Here’s to surviving!!! (and thriving).

  3. Lee, you are the Shit, capital ‘s’. I’m so glad I know you 🙂

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