Last post of 2012: NED status continues

Well, 2012 is almost over. It was the year in which I lost my port and my boobs and regained NED status – that is, no evidence of disease. Why do I say regain? Because none of us knows what we might have lurking in the shadows….

I am delighted to say that I have no evidence of disease – that’s NED. I just had my last 3 month followup of 2012 a few days back, and Tara, the physicians assistant that I see every other time, told me that they are excited about the parp inhibitors, which I had during the taxol/carboplatin phase of my chemotherapy. The downside? They don’t know what long term side effects to expect. Anyway, I’ll continue seeing them every three months for a total of three years.

The health care team told me that they consider the start of my followup care as the moment of last treatment – that is – my bilateral mastectomy. I feel like it should be earlier than that because – on scans – I was NED during the fall of 2011!!!! So, I feel a little cheated in a way… But, I can deal.

Today’s my birthday, and the day’s gotten off to a great start – bike ride along the river… breakfast with fun friends… now chilling for a bit at home… New skis and boots from Tre and Cheryl – fun! Not sure what will be happening this afternoon and evening… another bike ride.. maybe skiing… couple of parties tonight… bike race… it’s a beautiful sun shiny day here. Reasonably warm by Minnesota standards. All around, a good day I think!

Here’s to a happy, peaceful, and healthful 2013!


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I'm a mom and a chemistry professor, and I love to ride bikes! On July 29th, 2011, I received the news that I have breast cancer. This is my blog....
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3 Responses to Last post of 2012: NED status continues

  1. Jeannette Brown says:

    I forgot something. Please pray or whatever you do for a gay friend of mine. His adopted teenage son in a mental hospital because he is out of control. In light of Newtown he has done the right thing but it hurts. Pray that the doctors find the right program to treat the son who was abused as a child.

    Jeannette E. Brown

    Historian and blogger of African American Women Chemists

    Sister Chemists LLC


  2. Jeannette Brown says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I was thinking about you the other day as I was deleting old e-mails. They tend to linger on this computer. Maybe that’s why it is slow! Humm. Anyway congratulations on being NED. I wish I could say that. All they offer me is remission which I am in. Only three year follow up try five and counting. Yes it has been five years since the start of chemo. When I see you in New Orleans (maybe) it will be five years from the end of chemo for me. My port is gone but the keloid scar lingers on. I go to a Dermatologist monthly for ugh painful steroid injections. The say they put numbing stuff in the injection but you can’t prove it by me! I now see my doctor or his APN every four months instead of every three months so I have advanced. No one has given me an end point for this so I guess it is forever. I see a second opinion doctor in San Diego once a year. He has not stopped that either so I go next year. It should be March but I have a church meeting in June so I will go then. He does research on my blood so he takes seven tubes. They have good phlebotomists so they find the right vein that will yield that much blood without stopping.

    Bike riding in the snow? I hear you have it. So do we this year. I have to go to Mt Pleasant Michigan to Central Michigan University in February to do a book signing and talk. It will probably snow but as long as the train makes it that will be OK. I am also going to Boston to do the same thing. ‘This year they have to pay me to travel as I am broke from going to Regional ACS meetings on my own money.

    Happy New Year and hope to see you in New Orleans or in Minnesota?

    Jeannette E. Brown

    Historian and blogger of African American Women Chemists

    Sister Chemists LLC


    • rleepenn says:

      Hi Jeannette! I’m sorry you’re having so much pain with your scar – that stinks!
      I will also be on the five year timeline. I get to graduate to fewer appointments (still plural) after three years. I’m also very sorry for your friend’s child. What a difficult thing…. I cannot even imagine how both parent and child must be feeling. I wish them both peace and calm!

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